The ultimate playlist guide to your long weekend road tripping

With a series of long weekends coming up in March, April and May, many of us will be hitting the road for a little mini-break. But what’s a car trip without some pumping tunes to sing along to? Before you randomly start searching “romantic tunes”, if you’re going on a couple’s stay, or “best songs for tweens”, we’ve sourced some of the top songs, for lovers, families, and a girl’s weekend away.

For the lovers:

What would a romantic holiday away be without the right music to set the mood? And you might as well get into the mood the moment you get into the car.

  • Sam Smith: When canvassed in the office, most women just said put any album of Sam Smith’s albums on repeat and the long weekend will be set. Having sold over 12million units with his debut album, “In this lonely hour”, clearly the rest of the world agrees.
  • Notting Hill Soundtrack: You can’t go wrong with music from one of the best romcoms of all time with classics like Elvis Costello’s “She”, “Ain’t no sunshine” by Bill Withers and of course Ronan Keating’s “When you say nothing at all”.
  • Thandiswa Mazwai: Arguably One of the most influential musicians over the past two decades. You will have to search very hard to find a more romantic local track than “Ingoma” from her album “Ibokwe” also featuring the late Hugh Masekela on the trumpet.
  • Drake: We all know that Drizzy is your girlfriend’s favourite rapper. His second solo album “Take care” has hits for days and more heartstring material than you will get from any hip hop album.

Family favourites:

Some of the tunes might not be music to your ears, but it’s better than the “are we there yet?” chorus.

  • Destruction Boyz: It’s no coincidence that their album is titled “Gqom is the future”. Many have already dubbed “Omunye” as the unofficial national anthem and no road trip playlist would be complete without it.
  • Taylor Swift: Love her or hate her (the kids will probably love her), her song “Shake it off” will have you movin’ and groovin’ and hopefully help you shake off the week’s stress
  • Justin Bieber: This one is especially for the tween girls. You might hate his floppy hair and his antics, but Biebs will have to make it onto your playlist if you want to keep them happy in the backseat.
  • Bruno Mars: He is probably a truce between adults and kids and “The Lazy song” will hopefully transform everyone in the car into a holiday spirit.
  • MiCasa: Another choice for the whole family to enjoy. You will particularly enjoy everyone’s renditions of the tracks sung in Portuguese like La vida and Bora viver

Girls Weekend:

A bonding weekend with the gals is needed at least once a year, for an all-encompassing catch-up. And there’s nothing quite as bonding as belting out tunes together.

  • Spice Girls: I’ll tell you what you want, what you really, really want! You want to download the best-of album and relive your youth with the ultimate girl pop group.
  • Nathi: “Buyelekhaya” (Return back home) is not only a multi-platinum selling album but may in fact be the very reason for the road trip so nothing better than being serenaded to “Nomvula” whilst you are driving down the freeway.
  • Alanis Morissette: Especially if there has been a recent break-up in the group, the album “Jagged little pill” is one that most women have screamed along to. Take it along. You won’t regret it.
  • Lauren Hill: The miseducation of Lauren Hill is one of the best albums of all time. If you don’t believe me, there are 5 Grammy awards to back up the argument.
  • Destiny’s Child: All the women who are independent, put this album in your car for the long weekend.

Boys’ trip:

Going away with the crew for a golfing trip or an off-road adventure? Well, you are going to need the tunes to get you in the zone.

  • Jidenna: Because we know you are a bunch of Classic men, you need to have the album “The Chief” on your playlist.
  • Black Panther soundtrack: You know you are still going to be talking about the movie all weekend so you are going to want the tunes to go with it.
  • Lenny Kravitz: “I want to get away. I want to fly away. YEAH YEAH!” on the open road with that guitar riff blaring is bound to get you to quickly forget about whatever presentation you are dreading.
  • Calvin Harris: Features on features on features. Funk Wave Bounces vol 1 album has a little bit of everything so you know everyone’s tastes are going to be catered for.
  • TKZ: What’s a get together with the boys without a throwback to one of the greatest local groups ever? Make sure that “Halloween” album is in your playlist.

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