Explore the soul of Namibia

‘Africa for beginners’ as its best known, Namibia has easy access to wildlife, the world’s the world famous sand dunes. Well-managed tourist access to local tribes you’ll never forget.The scenic beauty of Namibia is only matched by its diversity. Deep canyons, mighty sand dunes, dreamy rock formations and its infinite salt pans that merge logically in an endlessly shifting landscape.

Here are some interesting stops in Namibia :


If Namibia is Africa for beginners, then Windhoek is very much its capital in more than name only. Windhoek is a modern, well-groomed city influenced by colonial architecture, evident in the many churches and cathedrals. Windhoek has an international airport for easy access and offers many places of interest such as famous township tours and 40sqm game reserve for safaris.

Our Picks for your Stay :

Thuringerhof18Protea Hotel by Marriott® Windhoek Thuringerhof

Experience comfort in the business district of Windhoek.

This hotel offers:
Free Wi-Fi; Airport Shuttles & Meeting Space



FurstenhofProtea Hotel by Marriott® Windhoek Furstenhof

Experience the alluring charm of true old-style Namibian hospitality in a modern setting at Protea Hotel’s first hotel in

This hotel offers: Free Wi-Fi; Airport Shuttles & Spa


Walvis Bay

Enjoy water sports like boardsailing or water-skiing at The Walvis Bay Lagoon or adventure activities in Swakopmund .Just KM away from the wildlife haven of Etosha National Park. This is perfect for animal and bird lovers.

Our Picks for your Stay :

Pelican BayProtea Hotel by Marriott® Pelican Bay

Enjoy breathtaking views of the Walvis Bay lagoon and comfortable accommodation at Protea Hotel Walvis Bay Pelican Bay.

This hotel offers : Free Wi-Fi, airport shuttles; spa & meeting space.



Walvis Bay

Protea Hotel by Marriott® Walvis Bay

Set in breathtaking surroundings, this quaint hotel inspires you to unwind and marvel at flocks of flamingos at sunset.

This hotel offers: Free Wi-Fi, airport shuttles & meeting space.


Etosha National Park

Lies in vast salt pan, surrounded by grassland and savanna. All African species are present in Etosha, including the famous Big Five.

Our Picks for your Stay :

phondangwaProtea Hotel Ondangwa

This oasis is approximately 92 km from the spectacular Etosha National Park, and ensures absolute convenience and comfort for business and leisure GUESTS alike.

The hotel offers :Free internet, pool & complimentary airport shuttle.


Namibia/ Zambia border

This is a gateway to the beautiful Victoria Falls. With close proximity to the Capri Gate Park where one can enjoy nature to the fullest.

Our Picks for your Stay :

Zambezi River LodgeProtea Hotel by Marriott® Zambezi River Lodge

Enjoy tranquility at Protea Hotel Zambezi River Lodge and soak up the Namibian sun with a beautiful view of the river.

The hotel offers :Free internet, pool & complimentary airport shuttle.

Marriott Experiences:

4×4 Dune Adventure Package

Enjoy the vast beauty of the Namib Desert as you explore the highest dune ranges in the world, while we help make this a stay to remember at Protea Hotel by Marriott Pelican Bay.




Dolphin Cruise

Experience the thrill of dolphins leaping out of the water and enjoy the unique view of the abundant marine life and rich waters while we help make this a stay to remember at Protea Hotel by Marriott Pelican Bay.




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