The bright lights of Johannesburg and Cape Town have always hogged the tourism spot light, but in the background Pretoria’s been getting on with being a brilliant place for business and leisure travellers to spend a few days.

Next time you head to the capital city, take along this list of nine great things to do and see in Tshwane.

A drink at the new Fire & Ice Hotel! Menlyn

Proving that Pretoria is not all boerewors rolls and brandy, the Protea Hotel Fire Ice! Menlyn rises from the busy new Menlyn node like an exclamation of hip and happening. As chic and trendy goes, there is no hotel in the capital city that comes close to it, neither in style nor in service. Sit beside the Olympic length pool and sip cocktails while the flaming sunset sets your northern views alight. Clock in for one of the hotel’s many scheduled social events. End your night out by choosing a whiskey from the bar’s vast collection while Highveld air breezes through the slick designer inside and outside lounges.

Horses, lions and unforgettable experiences

Very few people come away from a day at Horseback Africa without raving about the experience. It’s all about conservation, rehabilitation, wildlife –and about the interaction between humans and animals. Especially humans on horseback. There’s simply no more interesting and direct way to come into contact with African wildlife than from the high vantage of a saddle.

Take a lesson in South African history

Visiting the highest office of the land is a trip all South Africans should take once in their life. Steeped in history the Union Building are also home to exquisite gardens and beautiful rolling lawns for visitors to walk through. Take another lesson in South African history.

Take another lesson in South African history

Freedom Park, near Unisa and the Voortrekker Monument, is a place of stunning architectural beauty built to pay tribute to and educate visitors about our social, spiritual and indigenous knowledge history.

Wine tasting in on the Highveld

Wine tasting in brandy city? It can be done. The Kieviets Kroon Country Estate is a little slice of the Western Cape with its Cape Dutch architecture.

Old school farm living in the city

Irene Dairy farm is now sandwiched between two sprawling metropolises of Johannesburg and Pretoria. Originally built in 1895, the farm has been in the family for five generations. With two restaurants and a local produce store that still sells raw milk, it really is a piece of the olden days.

High Tea, anyone?

High tea at Pure in Colbyn is not some boring affair and it’s sought-after enough for you to have to make a booking in advance. Get acquainted with teas from around the world while you nibble on some truly delicious nibbly bit.

Indulge in the sweeter side of life

If you can’t stop for tea, then zip into Mydarlings Patisserie for a sweet treatis a must visit. Every confectionary morsel in the store has been meticulously created by hand by the owner. This well-kept Pretorian secret was bound to slip out eventually.

When the wild calls again – answer

If you’re still craving outdoor adventure, the Roodeplaat Reserve is the place to head. The reserve is split into two parts, north and south. The south offers a wide range of activities to do from canoeing, fishing, bird watching and bike riding. Heading a little north you’ll be in for a treat with being able to go on a game drive.